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The habit of knowing the other person develops in Digital Space

Many know that Digital Identity is issued by the state and grants access to digital services. However, companies often require slightly more and different opinions exist on Digital Identity‚Äôs future. As a result, the Digital Identity unveils in a different light. So Uber in Australia and New Zealand to ban misbehaving passengers, whose rating drops below a certain level. The Digital Identity...

How internet from Space disrupts Financial Services. And puts an end to Telco-s?

Telcos’ competitive landscape accounts for land cable internet and space internet provided by geostationary satellites. The Space internet mostly used for distant and rural areas where cables cannot reach. And, above all, it comes at a cost. Satellites cost zillions and located 36000 km away from the surface of the Earth. As a result, distance creates latency of 0.7 seconds compared to 0.01...

It’s magic